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About Houses For Homeless

Houses For Homeless is an organization devoted to ending homelessness through the development of tiny houses and other forms of affordable, warm, safe, and secure housing and shelter. We believe in the Housing First model. We believe that housing is a right and that any person on the street without it is a failure of our society. We believe the situation is dire, but we also believe that solving this epidemic is not an insurmountable task. None of us can do it on our own, but we believe that if we can pool our resources, and work together, we can take care of even our most vulnerable and end this tragedy of unnecessary suffering.

Well-known Seattle homeless shelter, closed by the pandemic, might never reopen. Here’s what will replace it.

For the first winter in 41 years, the main floor of the old Morrison Hotel in downtown Seattle is quiet. Before the pandemic, hundreds of homeless people per night would be sleeping on bunks and mats to escape increasingly frigid temperatures. With pandemic shelters are no longer a viable option and tiny houses need to be utilized. Mayor Durkan agrees with the approach to creating tiny home villages, safer 24/7 shelter, hotels, and housing as we enter the second year navigating the COVID-19 environment.

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